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online marketingIf you are thinking about starting you own business, then online marketing is an opportunity to put into account. To live the “work from home lifestyle” is a dream that a lot of young entrepreneurs share. Right now, web business is flourishing, without any doubt, and a lot of people are venturing into the internet marketing business.


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Because the IM niche is growing as we speak and new products hit the market every week, we will do our very best to bring you the best of the best in digital marketing services and technology. There are a few things you should know before hoping on the online business train…

In order to make PROFIT you will need TRAFFIC. Period… Now, there are numerous traffic sources on the internet, but people mostly go for free organic traffic. The way you do that is by ranking high in Google and capture the search traffic. On the other hand, you can go for PPC (pay per click) with the Google AdWords platform. On the long run it can get really expensive and you can drain your budget pretty quickly if you don’t know what you are doing.

With that being said, we will be focusing more on the free organic search engine traffic, so you can maximize your affiliate marketing profits.

How to get started?

When first starting out with your internet marketing strategy, you will definitely need to set your desired goals. You have to be 100% clear and focused on what you want to achieve with your strategy.

Are you promoting your services? Maybe a local business? A friends carpenter service? Just promoting affiliate products?

Do you currently own a online marketing business or are you starting out?

Do you need internet marketing services or you want to start your own marketing service?

I would say that this is the most important part, when picking the right plan.

It will all start with proper keyword research. I would say that this is where most of SEO’s fail. With good keyword research you will find laser targeted prospects and make your journey to the top of Google a joke. You want to find relevant niche keywords, that catch the surfers in your desired phase of the research.

There are 2 types of keywords:

  • Lead Generation (people interested in your service or product)
  • Buyer Keywords (people looking for reviews and products/services)

Let’s say you own a dog training academy. What would people search for when trying to find dog training? Probably something like:”dog training”, “best dog training”, “dog training school review”, “best dog training New York”, “where to find dog trainers”.. and so on. So imagine your website showing up first in Google for all those terms! A LOT of FREE traffic and your business would explode!

Building email marketing lists

Setup an Optin form on your site and start offering your website visitors an option to input their email address so you can promote your offer 24/7/365. These forms usually “convert” at a much higher success rate, if you have a free ebook, case study or something else that provides your visitors with value.

Do not skip this step! Your email list is where most of your profit will come from!

I can’t stress enough how much Online Lead Generation is an essential part of your strategy.

Internet Marketing Strategies Research – Analyze your website marketing competition

It is pretty simple to do an simple Google search for your desired money keyword and see what pops up on the first page. Take a look at the first page and see if it is populated with sites like and others so called authority mountains.If so, you need to move on and try to find another less competitive keyword.

You want to see a first page that is full of other SEO sites, preferably YouTube videos and EMDs (exact match domains). That is a pretty good indicator that the search is beatable and you can push your site up there. You want to find good  keywords that are going to be easy enough to rank for. If you will try to rank for something like forex or marketing, you won’t get far. We will be focusing on finding longer tail keywords, which still bring good amount of search engine traffic visitors.

Market research is the trick to determining a niche market to target for your online advertising services company. For example, you may market your services only to attorneys, only to wholesale grocers, just to work-from-home moms, and so on. With an online marketing business, you are looking at a global marketplace that you can play around with.